Why Anabolic Steroids Should Be Legalized

Anabolic steroids are commonly used by athletes and muscle builders all over the world. Even average individuals use them for boosting their testosterone levels for a better sex desire. Some doctors even prescribe them for certain medical conditions for enriching bone density, development of hormones and others. However, the usage of steroids is banned and considered illegal for ill effects on the health of users. Yet, an anabolic steroid is widely used by sporting enthusiasts. While the organizations and countries banning steroids have their reasons, these useful supplements should be made legal for public usage.

Why anabolic steroids should be made legal

Testosterone compounds and related products are neither addictive nor toxic. Still, many countries consider them illegal. In certain countries, these products are listed under the category of dangerous narcotics. While the usage of steroids certainly leaves side effects just like other medicines, there is no medical evidence that proves any relation between the use of steroids and serious diseases.

On the flip side, Viagra – a commonly prescribed drug, claimed the lives of 522 people during the first two years of its usage in the United States alone. Still, the drug is sold to anyone and no one goes to jail. Anabolic steroids should be legalized and allowed to be used by athletes after providing full information and counseling on the intake and possible side effects.

The prime reason why people back the intake of steroids is the point that millions of educated youngsters use them anyway for self-improvement, body building and enhanced sex drive. As far as body building is concerned, you won’t find a single sportsman/sportswoman who doesn’t take steroids. Athletes, coaches and sporting physicians know this, and referees and organizers know this too. This is certainly true despite several laws enforced by lawmakers who are unfamiliar with the problem and simply act on the base of their belief – steroid is harmful, so steroid is forbidden.

The most surprising approach is to consider the intake of the anabolic steroid to the intake of narcotics. The two drugs are just the opposite of each other. While steroids aim at self improvement, hard work and training, narcotics are used to escape from the world and personal problems. When compared with narcotics users, sporting people lose their trust in health professionals and suspect medical counseling on steroids.

It would be better to legalize steroids and create awareness programs on the intake, side effects and results delivered by steroids. Legalization of anabolic steroids will definitely remove one myth that you can attain a strong body with steroids. People will also come to know that only a healthy diet and hard training will lead to success in body building and athletic events. An anabolic steroid will just help them to speed up their sporting tenure. Also, steps must be taken to remove harmful substances from steroids to minimize possible ill effects.

Closing words

Whether steroids should be banned or legalized has been a debate since decades. While some folks favor the ban, others are of the view that an anabolic steroid should be completely legalized. However, if you assess the perks of using steroids in various fields, majority of people support the usage of anabolic steroids. Also, further modifications and changes can be made to the formulas that go into the making of steroids to make it safe. With a safe compound and counseling, steroids should be made legal for public use in all fields for betterment.